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Paillant Haiti (Jan. 4th - 8th, 2017)

Paillant Haiti 2017

Since its first mission trip in 2016, Mending Hearts Abroad has expanded its reach both abroad in the mission field as well as domestically in regards outreach. MHA has created its own patient history sheets that it'll take on all its medical trips moving forward. These patient sheets will then be uploaded into MHA's very own electronic health record (EHR) system. Our January trip of 2017 was the first to see the implementation of this new system. By using an EHR system, Mending Hearts Abroad will be able to accurately keep track of patients and their medical history.


Our January trip saw over 600 patients with a heavy focus on dentistry. By bringing two dentists and two dental assistants we were able to over double the number of dental patients seen compared to last year. After two full clinic days, our team of volunteers decided to do an additional follow up clinic at the same location as a previous clinic for post-extraction examinations. With over 300 total teeth pulled, only one patient showed up to our follow up clinic complaining of post-op pain.

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Paillant Haiti (Jan. 6th - 10th, 2016)

Paillant, Haiti 2016

MHA is proud to announce that its first medical mission trip as an organization was a tremendous success! In just two clinic days we were able to treat over 750 patients, extract over 175 teeth and help heal the hearts of even more! The people of Paillant, Haiti were truly some of the most inspirational people we've worked with as an organization. No matter the amount of treatment we were able to give them they were always grateful for the services we provided to them. We were able to teach the people of Haiti some basic medical and dental hygiene while they in return taught us humility and gratefulness.

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