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Mending Hearts               Abroad, Inc.

2017 Fundraising Goal

Mending Hearts Abroad has recently been presented with the opportunity to acquire 35 acres of land near the city of Paillant, Haiti for $350,000. This is an exciting opportunity for Mending Hearts Abroad, Inc. to expand its reach and further its mission to serve those in extreme poverty. By acquiring such a large piece of property, we would have the capitol to transform the surrounding communities medically. Not only would we strive to provide medical relief to the poorest country in the western hemisphere, Mending Hearts Abroad would also expand its mission to help bring the surrounding communities out of extreme poverty and into economic self-sufficiency. 

Upcoming Fundraisers

Northgate Red Carpet Poker Gala (June 17th, 2017)

Mending Hearts Abroad, Inc. presents the Northgate Red Carpet Poker Gala, its first annual fundraiser in Houston, Texas. This gala will provide the funding resources that will allow Mending Hearts Abroad and its partners to provide primary medical and dental care to communities abroad living in extreme poverty. 


Mending Hearts Abroad is currently targeting the rural community of Paillant Haiti and looking to purchase several acres of land to start developing a full time clinic ran by trained local and American volunteers. This clinic will act as a central location for Mending Hearts Abroad, through which we will provide medical relief and other imperative community services. 


Join us for our Northgate Red Carpet Poker Gala and together we can provide medical relief and healing to the residents living in rural Haiti. You can purchase tickets or make a donation here.

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It's official, our next fundraiser will be hosted at the Northgate Country Club in Houston, Texas on June 17th! Can't make it? No worries, you can still make an online donation to support our cause. Check it out here!

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